Rexroat Sound RS Companies, LLC manufactures a wide range of loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems.

Recent Products

The acclaimed SD21 dual 21" subwoofer now has a "clamshell" version.

While providing a little less 30Hz this version provides more impact from a smaller frontal area. Great for stacking.
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Spec sheets soon to come for:
M1v2 - new version of the M1v1 stage monitor
SD21 - Dual 21" subwoofer
SDC21 - Dual 21" clamshell subwoofer
S21 - Similar to the S18
MBD15 - Dual 15" mid-bass speaker
FL15 - Front loaded 15" + horn, multi purpose speaker
Multi Principle Technology ensures high density performance.
MPT 6.5 & MPT 12.0
MPT 48
After a year of discussion, on May 2 2014, Rexroat Sound RS Companies, LLC bought Don Sutton Lighting LTD Quad Cities operations and assets.

Now operating as Sutton Power, the tradition of high quality temporary event power and production lighting is continued.